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The Origin Story

This shop offers not only Greenstone but also the opportunity to make some jewellery by yourself. With the help of the local PROs we experienced some wonderful hours in the workshop. THANKS A LOT !!

Bonz and Stonez was founded by Steve Gwaliasi in 2000.

Steven has been involved with jade after being introduced to it while working on a gold claim in 1988. Newly arrived from the Solomon Islands, Steven worked on a digger and would often uncover pounamu boulders in the course of his work.
He went on to complete a jade carving course and abandoned the mining for a career as a jade carver.
Steve’s own work reflects his strong cultural heritage in transition with a merging with the heritage of his ‘new’ home. His work displays strong lines and beautifully sculpted curves. He is well known for his kapkap  – where Pounamu is used in conjunction with mother of pearl or obsidian.

He is a teacher at heart and is keen to give the carving experience to others. In line with this he has run carving courses at Tai Poutini Polytechnic, run carving courses for the NZ Correspondence School and invited local school students into his studio.

Most of the time he is running workshops for tourists to have a hands-on opportunity to carve and relate to the inert spirit of the stone, however he also been travelling internationally to facilitate jade workshops in USA, Australia and Solomons Islands. He is always looking to expand his network and start new adventures!

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