What We Do

Design and carve your own unique masterpiece in Jade, Bone & Paua. You will be guided through each step of the process. All material supplied with the “Carve Your Own” package.

All our hourly services are priced at a minimum of one hour.

Bring Your Own

Jade, Bone Or Shell
  • Carving: $35/hr
  • Stone Polishing: $30/hr
  • Stone Cutting: $10/cut
  • Hole Drilling: $3/hole

Carve your own

Max Size: 6 cm x 5 cm
  • Jade: $190
  • Shells: $100
  • Bones: $100

Binding/ Re-Stringing

  • One Simple String: $5/metre
  • 3 Plait String: $15
  • 3 Plait String & Simple Binding: $20
  • Specialty Binding: $30


From 1-3 pieces a day: Free
More than 3 pieces : 50c each

Please do not dump the stones outside the shop – Return to where you found them.
Due to asbestos, Serpentine is not allowed to be carved, shaped or polished in the shop.
Commision Work: Available on enquiry; 50% deposit required.